Topics Covered

More than 125 thought-provoking topics covering the latest in business development, immigration and tax strategies, best practices, and more.

1.   Presentation: Part One

  1. Business and Investment Opportunities in the US
    • Overview of Business Opportunities in Various Industry Sectors
    • Reasons Indian Companies Invest in the United States
    • US Legal and Regulatory Framework: An Introduction
    • Future Trends
    • Incentives for Foreign Investors
  2. Case Studies
    • Actual Case Studies
    • Developing a Comprehensive Strategy for Successfully Doing Business in the US
  3. Market Entry Strategies
    • Buy or Build
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Joint Ventures
    • Franchise: Is Your Business ‘Franchisable’
  4. Conducting Sales in the US
    • Direct Sales
    • Sales through Distributors, Sales Representatives and Franchisees
    • Finding the Right Location, Leasing vs. Ownership
    • Developing Markets by Exhibiting at Trade Shows
    • Internet Businesses: An Overview of US Cyberlaw
  5. Types of Entities
    • Forms of Business Entities: Corporation, LLC, LLP
    • Strategic Considerations in Selecting the Appropriate Business Structure
    • Setting up a New Company vs. Branch Office
  6. Banking
    • Types of Accounts
    • Setting up a Bank Account for your US Company
    • Types and Sources of Financing a Foreign Business
  7. Global Mobility and Staffing Challenges: How to Hire Correctly for the U.S. Market
    • Staffing Challenges Facing Indian Companies in the US Market
    • Pros and Cons of Staffing your US Business from India vs. The US Local Market
    • Foreign and Local Employees: Striking the Right Balance and Avoiding Immigration Hassles
    • How to Deploy Resources Anywhere in the US Expeditiously
    • Developing Seamless End-to-End Mobility Services
    • How to Hire Cap Exempt H-1B Employees
    • Foreign Worker Classification: 1099 or W-2
    • Licensing Requirements to release US Technology to Indian Nationals

2.   Presentation: Part Two

  1. US Immigration: An Overview
    • Key Immigration Concepts, Rules, and Procedures
    • Why every Company must understand Immigration to be successful in the US
    • Changing dynamics in US immigration
    • Strategies to obtain Visas timely in the numbers you need
  2. B-1: Business Visitor Visa to the U.S.
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Understanding Permissible Business Activities
    • Can a B-1 be placed at a Third Party Client Site?
    • Consequences of B-1 status violation: They are serious!
    • How long can you stay in B-1 Status: Is 6 months too long?
    • ‘B-1 in Lieu of H-1B’ option
    • B-1 Visa: Extension and Change of Status Issues
    • B-1 Visa Denials: Do they affect L-1 or H-1B visa issuance?
    • Profiles of Successful B-1 Cases
  3. H-1B: Specialty Workers
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Dual Intent – what does it mean?
    • H-1B Cap Strategies: How to beat the Cap?
    • What do we do when H-1B Cap is reached?
    • Hiring students on OPT and bridging H-1B Cap Gap
    • Multiple Work Locations: How to handle it?
    • Dealing with the Neufeld Memo on the Employer-Employee Relationship
    • Documents Supporting Employer-Employee Relationship
    • Extending H-1B status beyond the normal six-year limit
    • H-1B and L-1 Work Site Investigations from USCIS Fraud Unit
  4. Trainee Visas: An H-1B Alternative
    • H-3: Trainees
    • “B-1 in Lieu of H-3” option
    • “J-1 in Lieu of H-3” option
    • H-3 versus J-1: Comparative analysis
  5. L-1: Intra-company Transferees
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • L-1A vs. L-1B: What is the difference?
    • Selecting the best alternative: L-1A or L-1B
    • L-1A Visa: Are you really a Manager or Executive?
    • Documenting ‘Specialized Knowledge’ for L-1B
    • Considerations for L-1Bs Working at Client Sites
    • Switching from Specialized Knowledge to Manager/Executive
    • L-1 visa: Is it an effective H-1B alternative?
  6. L-1 Blanket Program
    • Qualifications for L-1 Blanket petition: Does size matter?
    • Strategic considerations in choosing L-1 Blanket over Regular L-1 petition
    • When to implement the L-1 Blanket program?
  7. Starting a Brand New Business in the U.S. as an Indian
    • Opening a New Office using the L-1 Visa
    • H-1B Visa and EB-2 Green Card for Entrepreneurs
  8. ‘Entertainment is Business’: Visas for Artists, Producers, and Musicians
    • Visas for your next U.S. Concert
    • P-1 Visa for Internationally Recognized Entertainment Groups
    • P-3 Visa for Artists and Entertainers performing a Culturally Unique Art Form
    • O-1 Visa for Extraordinary Individuals
  9. Green Cards
    • EB-1 for Multinational Executives and Managers
    • EB-1 for Scientists, Researchers, Artists and Entertainers
    • PERM Labor Certification Process
    • Using a Green Card after maximum stay on H-1B and L-1 visa
    • EB-5 Investor Green Card: Are you rich enough?


Who Should Attend?

Executives, Managers, Business Owners, Investors, HR and Immigration Professionals, Exporters and Entrepreneurs.


January 30, 2013
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Le Royal Meridian, 1 GST Road, St. Thomas Mount, Chennai


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(till January 17, 2013)

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The seminar was well organized and presented, and saved me a lot of time in understanding the legal issues. I am able to help our business expand into U.S. as a result of this seminar.

The workshop gave me a road map for tackling the US immigration challenges ahead. I highly recommend it for Indian executives and CEO's doing business with US.







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