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Senior Immigration Attorney Thomas Joy

Thomas Joy practices primarily in the area of immigration and business law.

With 35 years in practicing law, Mr. Joy has experienced almost every business and immigration issue. An aggressive practitioner, he has an incredible passion for his work and his clients' causes.

Mr. Joy assists companies, universities and hospitals in obtaining work visas and green cards. He provides strategic planning for employment of foreign nationals, serves as immigration counsel for the preservation of work visas and green cards during corporate restructurings, and establishes training programs to facilitate the transfer of foreign employees. He also advises clients on employment verification, government audits and investigations.

Recently, Mr. Joy has experienced an increase in demand for his strategic advice from clients whose applications could not be processed due to the limited number of visas available under the current quota limits.

Mr. Joy provides expert immigration opinions and regularly advises clients ranging from multinational executives to treaty investors, researchers & scientists, software professionals, NAFTA professionals, as well as athletes, artists, entertainers and fashion models. A lawyer who makes the law work for his clients, Mr. Joy receives kudos for his exemplary knowledge of the immigration field.

Mr. Joy is a frequent speaker on business and immigration at conferences, associations and trade organizations worldwide. Audiences and clients appreciate listening to what he has to say because he always manages to present the material in a logical manner.

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James R. Ziegler, Senior Advisor on Staffing and Mobility

James R. Ziegler is an acknowledged thought leader in the staffing and global mobility industry.

As an entrepreneur and executive of global talent management and payroll service firms, Dr. Ziegler has been responsible for strategy to ensure delivery of high quality global mobility solutions for clients worldwide.

Dr. Ziegler developed innovative solutions for sponsoring work visas (such as H-1B, TN, etc.) and green cards. Dr. Ziegler brings a variety of skills to organizations to help improve not only their results, but also their processes and understands the issues from a global perspective.

Dr. Ziegler builds competitive advantage for his clients through recruiting and cultivating intercultural talent.

Dr. Ziegler has focused on driving effective and efficient change, done in a way that balances the needs of organizations as well as the impact on their people.

Venkat Ramineni has conducted International Business in the areas of Joint Ventures, E-commerce, Investments and Immigration for the last 20 years. During this time he has worked extensively in US and Asian markets, and has a great understanding of both cultures.

Mr. Ramineni began as a young immigrant, was recognized early on by the US Government as one of the extraordinary foreign nationals. He self-established himself as a successful entrepreneur, and has grown to be a mentor for other businesses. For the last 10 years Mr. Ramineni has actively assisted more than 225 foreign companies that were interested in building businesses in the US.

Mr. Ramineni brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, valuable contacts and sincere interest to assist companies and entrepreneurs in India.

Mr. Ramineni speaks at numerous conferences in the US, Asia and Europe, helping companies understand and develop strategies to be successful in the US.

It should come as no surprise that in 2010, The Los Angeles Times featured Mr. Ramineni on the front page together with President Obama as part of the US trade delegation to India.

Mr. Ramineni holds memberships in various organizations including The Asia Society, TownHall, and World Affairs Council.

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Successful Entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurs have built successful businesses in the United States. This is your opportunity to meet, interact and add them to your professional network.

Santosh Changaram
Mr. Santosh Changaram, President, Sunitrans

Sunitrans is a transportation and logistics Company that successfully expanded into international markets by opening new offices in New Jersey. Mr. Changaram will share his journey from incorporation, establishing operations, market entry strategy, export regulations to successful expansion in America.

Mitesh Bohra
Mr. Mitesh Bohra, CEO, Infobeans

Infobeans is the growth story of a mid-sized Indian IT Custom Application and Product Development Company. Mr. Bohra will share the numerous challenges they faced along the way, especially those related to building the US company from scratch, transferring employees from Indian operations, striking the right balance between US and foreign employees, payroll and employment taxes, and employer compliance.

Deepak Chandran
Mr. Deepak Chandran, CEO, Iris Energy

Mr. Deepak Chandran, CEO of Iris Energy is one example of an Indian entrepreneur who has successfully realized lucrative business opportunities in the U.S. He will share how aggressive VC funding and market entry strategies enabled their less than 3-year old Indian company to successfully enter the U.S. market. Iris Energy is a Pune based company providing Remote Management Solutions for HID Lighting Applications.




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The seminar was well organized and presented, and saved me a lot of time in understanding the legal issues. I am able to help our business expand into U.S. as a result of this seminar.

The workshop gave me a road map for tackling the US immigration challenges ahead. I highly recommend it for Indian executives and CEO's doing business with US.