Success Stories

Below are just a few of the many success stories about Indian companies that our speakers have helped launch and expand successfully in the United States.

We are honored that such distinguished speakers have agreed to share their knowledge and wisdom with us during this very special workshop and to meet with you 1-on-1 to discuss your specific situation.

Our esteemed speakers and business experts will show how you can achieve 100% success with your U.S. company’s business strategy and execution.

Comprehensive Strategies to help an Indian Apparel Manufacturer Successfully Set-Up and Launch its Products and Brands in the U.S.

Helping an Indian Engineering Design Company successfully enter the U.S. market through an Acquisition

Helping an Indian Pharmaceutical Company Expand its U.S. Operations

Helping an U.S. Engineering Company establish profitable operations in India

Helping An Indian Transportation and Logistics Company Establish a Successful Business in the U.S.

Supporting an Indian Entertainment Company successfully organize shows in the U.S. with Indian performers from India

Helping an Indian Trading Corporation overcome peculiar challenges in establishing operations in the U.S.

Helping an IT Company CEO stuck in India due to a visa denial get back to the U.S. to continue to manage U.S. Operations




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