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Venkat Ramineni

U.S. Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Advisor

Venkat Ramineni has conducted International Business in the areas of Joint Ventures, E-commerce, Investments and Immigration for the last 20 years. During this time he has worked extensively in US and Asian markets, and has a great understanding of both cultures.mobility industry.

Mr. Ramineni began as a young immigrant, was recognized early on by the US Government as one of the extraordinary foreign nationals. He self-established himself as a successful entrepreneur, and has grown to be a mentor for other businesses. For the last 10 years Mr. Ramineni has actively assisted more than 225 foreign companies that were interested in building businesses in the US.

Mr. Ramineni brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, valuable contacts and sincere interest to assist companies and entrepreneurs in India.

Mr. Ramineni speaks at numerous conferences In the US, Asia and Europe, helping companies understand and develop strategies to be successful in the US.

It should come as no surprise that in 2010, The Los Angeles Times featured Mr. Ramineni on the front page together with President Obama as part of the US trade delegation to India.

Mr. Ramineni holds memberships in various organizations including The Asia Society, TownHall, and World Affairs Council.

About Ancy S. Varghese

Immigration Lawyer

Ms. Varghese practices primarily in the area of US immigration and naturalization law, with special expertise in Employment-based Green Cards.

Ms. Varghese advises and assists U.S. employers and foreign nationals with respect to their U.S. Green Card and nonimmigrant visa options. Ms. Varghese exhibits specialized expertise in securing Green Cards under EB1 for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability and EB2 National Interest Waiver (NIW). Ms. Varghese assists clients in securing permanent residence expeditiously for scientists, professors and researchers, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, artists and entertainers. Ms. Varghese is highly successful in securing O1 visas for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability in Business and the Arts.

Ms. Varghese has advised and counseled employers in large and small businesses, professionals and other workers in healthcare, finance, IT, education, fine arts, performing arts, and many other industries, with respect to U.S. non-immigrant and immigrant visa matters. Ms. Varghese has represented clients at employment based and family based Adjustment of Status and Naturalization interviews at USCIS field offices in New York and New Jersey.

Ms. Varghese earned her J.D., from Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, NJ, and holds a BA in Neural Sciences from New York University. She is proficient in English and Malayalam.

With her vast experience, Ms. Varghese adds immense value in helping clients achieve their immigration goals and overcome immigration challenges.

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Successful Entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurs have built successful businesses in the United States. This is your opportunity to meet, interact and add them to your professional network.

Mr. Santhosh Changaram,President,Sunltrans

Sunitrans is a transportation and logistics Company that successfully expanded into international markets by opening new offices in New Jersey. Mr. Changaram will share his journey from incorporation, establishing operations, market entry strategy, export regulations to successful expansion in America.

Mr. Mitesh Bohra,CEO,Infobeans

Infobeans is the growth story of a mid-sized Indian IT Custom Application and Product Development Company. Mr. Bohra will share the numerous challenges they faced along with way, especially those related to building the US company from scratch, transferring employees from Indian operations, striking the right balance between US and foreign employees, payroll and employment taxes, and employer compliance.

Mr. Deepak chandran, CEO, Iris Energy

Mr. Deepak Chandran, CEO of Iris Energy is one example of an Indian entrepreneur who has successfully realized lucrative business opportunities in the U.S. He will share how aggressive VC funding and market entry strategies enabled their less than 3-year old Indian company to successfully enter the U.S. market. Iris Energy is a Pune based company providing Remote Management Solutions for HID Lighting Applications.


"I have known Venkat since 2006 and we have work together on many instances which required intense brainstorming and Venkat's ideas and suggestions have always been par excellence. An opportunity to interact and work with him is a true privilege"

Mitesh Bohra
Co-founder and President

"Venkat has guided me through the maze of starting and conducting business in the United States.... His direction in these areas have helped me grow my IT company to a multi-million dollar business, with customers all across the globe...."

Naushed Ahmed
MetaOption LLC

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